• McIntyre Project

Why is now the time to move forward with the McIntyre Project?

After almost two years of public input, Portsmouth residents are looking forward to the City Council taking a vote, moving ahead, and submitting a final plan to the federal government.

A successful proposal must pass through the narrowly defined federal proposal. It is highly unlikely that any of the recently publicized sketches would pass muster with the National Park Service. The Redgate-Kane team has delivered an ambitious, economically-feasible and community-oriented project that fits within federal guidelines.

If Portsmouth doesn’t act, the site will remain vacant. Or the federal government will sell to the highest bidding private developer – setting in motion a development process subject to few restrictions beyond typical zoning. Portsmouth would end up with exactly what the community doesn’t want – a high density residential project and an unwanted hotel.

After years of debate, we have a clear and strong road-map forward. The Historic Surplus Property Program remains the only viable solution. The result will be income for the city, amenities for residents and increased tax revenue. Our city is close to realizing a new vision for the McIntyre site.

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