• McIntyre Project

What will the McIntyre Project offer to the City of Portsmouth?

1) Increased Tax Revenue. Redgate/Kane’s plan for the McIntyre site puts the site back on the City’s tax rolls. Property taxes are estimated to be between $500,000 and $900,000 annually.

2) Much Needed New Office Supply. It will offer office space for high-paying jobs that continue to flock to Portsmouth.

3) Vibrant Retail Space. The project includes space for expanding retail uses such as co-working space, a market for local food and beverage vendors, and new lifestyle amenities. such as a brewery, grocer or fitness center – are particularly exciting possibilities for the space.

4) Public Amenities. The McIntyre project adds to the popularity of Market Square through a variety of public space and lifestyle amenities that benefit residents, businesses and the entire community of Portsmouth.

5) Public Space – Indoors and Outdoors. The project offers a number of features that will complement and enhance downtown Portsmouth. 45% of the project will be open public space and will include a four-season indoor gathering space; a central plaza; three public realms; and outdoor green areas.

6) The project adds much needed porosity to downtown Portsmouth. It introduces permeable space across Linden Way and pedestrian friendly areas between Bow Plaza and Linden Way with steps along the latter – connecting Penhallow Street and Chapel Street – that include green space and outdoor furniture.

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