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HubSpot Commits to McIntyre Site HubSpot to become anchor tenant at new McIntyre building following

Portsmouth, NH (April 18, 2019) – The Redgate-Kane team announced today that following all the necessary project approvals, HubSpot has committed to moving the company’s Portsmouth office to the Thomas J. McIntyre Federal Building.

Once the project successfully completes the City Council, National Park Service and permitting processes, HubSpot will occupy the majority of the office space and become the anchor tenant at the McIntyre site. HubSpot cited the McIntyre project’s ideal urban design, public space and lifestyle amenities that benefit Portsmouth residents and businesses as key factors in its decision.

“It’s critical for the success of our offices to be involved in the local community and we’re excited and energized to be a part of a proposed project that would attract new residents, employees, and customers to downtown Portsmouth,” said Ken Papa, Senior Director, Global Real Estate and Facilities at HubSpot. “The proposed McIntyre project would include a number of features, including open space, co-working spaces, markets and more that the Redgate-Kane development team has designed to transform an underutilized block while furthering downtown Portsmouth’s commitment of community first.”

In 2015, HubSpot opened a small office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire because, while working with a technical agency in the area, the company quickly realized that Portsmouth is home to talented people who are passionate about helping customers. In just a few years, the team has grown by over 600 percent – turning the small office into a bustling one with best-in-show support and services teams.

“HubSpot is a growing company that has shown a tremendous commitment to Portsmouth, and we’re thrilled that the company will be the anchor tenant at the McIntyre if the project moves forward and secures the necessary approvals,” said Michael Kane of The Kane Company. “We’ve been fortunate to have conversations with a variety of prospective tenants who are excited about the potential McIntyre transformation. HubSpot, with its dynamic growth and innovation, is a perfect fit and epitomizes the type of partner we envision for this site.”

The Redgate-Kane team has been working with the community, the city of Portsmouth and all stakeholders over the past year to put forth the very best proposal for the McIntyre site that meets National Park Service requirements.

The project will feature significant open space (44 percent of the site with three new outdoor public spaces), a large central plaza and four-season indoor community gathering space, a market for local food and beverage vendors, a space for the U.S. Postal Service, and potential retail lifestyle amenities such as a fitness center, grocer or brewery – all of which will be handicap accessible and were prioritized during last year’s public input meetings.

“We’re proud of the design and amenities that will be featured at the McIntyre, and are excited about the next phase of this project,” said Steve Perdue of Redgate. “Our architects have worked closely with our team to create a project that reflects the creativity and spirit of Portsmouth, and it’s fitting that a growing company like HubSpot will become the anchor tenant at the McIntyre should this project secure the necessary approvals.”

The Redgate-Kane development team has participated in more than 35 public meetings on the McIntyre project over the past year, and incorporated extensive feedback from residents and business and community leaders into the design. In January, the team unveiled a 3D model of the proposed project to showcase the vision for the future of the McIntyre site.

“The McIntyre project features a variety of amenities designed to attract residents, visitors and new businesses to the downtown,” added Kane. “We’re excited about the next phase and for the opportunity to call the McIntyre the future home of HubSpot in Portsmouth.”


About The McIntyre Project

The Thomas J. McIntyre Federal Building has been home to several offices of the Federal government for over 50 years. Located on Daniel Street, the building has supported offices of the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Postal Service. Since 2004, the General Services Administration (GSA) has been planning to relocate the functions from this property to another location in Portsmouth. In fall of 2016, the GSA officially began its disposal process, declaring the building to be surplus to its needs.

The City of Portsmouth is pursuing acquisition of the site through the Historic Surplus Property Program and has selected the Redgate/Kane development team as its partners. The McIntyre Blue Ribbon Steering Committee concluded its public input process and has referred the project back to the City Council for additional consideration.

For more information, please visit https://www.mcintyreproject.com

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